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Last Login: Mar 9, 2013
Member Since: Sep 13, 2010
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Location: South Carolina, US
Mike i love cars i just got to get my permite and i am good., I finally got my permit on June 27, of 2011. Yeah. I am a huge gamer of (Halo, and Forza/Midnight Club Los Angels). I play on the Xbox 360, and yes i do have a passion for cars, i learn something new about them every single day. My youtube channel is And yes i work on and paint cars from my original ideas on the Xbox. Hope you like them and subscribe to both channels. And yes i am a teen, i do't like being fucked with, i am a quite guy. My favorite car manufactures are Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, ford, Chevy. So yeah that's a little detail of me and if you have anymore questions just ask? (Favorite sport is Formula D, don't have a favorite. team just enjoy the cars going sideways>):))
My Videos
Keep Drifting Fun, "2"(Forza 4)
4 minutes 2 seconds
Views: 2,999
Added: Mar 09, 13
Drifting Love, Part 1
3 minutes 1 seconds
Views: 1,759
Added: Nov 24, 12
"New" Young Cam's NEW Flavor(Paint Job)
1 minute 39 seconds
Views: 1,733
Added: Jul 11, 12
Young -Sam -Papi_Chulo (Midnight Club Los Angles)(Xbox360)
3 minutes 3 seconds
Views: 2,314
Added: Jul 09, 12
RX8 (Midnight Club Los Angles)
2 minutes 24 seconds
Views: 1,065
Added: Jul 09, 12
Forza 3- My 1987 Buick regal GNX
1 minute 37 seconds
Views: 2,651
Added: Jul 09, 12
A American Ride(Chevy/ Forza 3)(Xbox360)
3 minutes 16 seconds
Views: 1,522
Added: Jul 09, 12
Turbo Civic vs Turbo Integra
3 minutes 45 seconds
Views: 2,191
Added: Jul 06, 12
Favorite Videos
Mazda Miata RB26 Wipe Out at Sacramento Raceway
2 minutes 13 seconds
Views: 6,282
2 minutes 16 seconds
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Mad Mike Red Bull RX8 Drift Demo
4 minutes 49 seconds
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Cars and Girls @ Russian Drift Battle 2012
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Thanks for the add! Sick Vids! That Dodge Shadow is insane! LOL