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Cant wait for spring...
Updated December 20, 2010
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Member Since: Dec 25, 2006
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Age: 26
Location: US
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Dont F#@k with a Camaro
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Comments (27)
October 16, 2011
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alls running strong man jus workin on the 69 camaro drag car
August 03, 2011
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hey check out my car, i built a new one in febuary and just got back on streetfire lol
June 22, 2011
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Just been hangin on for the ride with this economy bullshit, man. Bought a 351 Cleveland mustang to play with, and pretty much just been working, bro. Not a whole lot else to do. Military sucks, they are screwing me and a lot of others out of money now, so I am pretty much screwed out of much of a check from them now. Drama... but hell, its good to here from you!
June 14, 2011
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Hey buddy, whats been up? I haven't heard much from you lately!
March 16, 2011
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thx man, not much going on, Love your vids that's is a sick camaro you got.
January 20, 2011
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truuuuu all in due time i guess
January 19, 2011
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thanks bro it took alot of time, planning and wrench work to put nighTCrawler together lol but thats wat makes us gearhead we r presistant lol but i feel u on the time frame to throw the charger in it took me 1 1/2 years to pice together the turbo kit but i feel thats the best way to do it just piecing it together and ull b suprise how much money ull save......dont forget to build up the bottom end tho
January 19, 2011
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sick SS sir any chance of forced induction for the future?
January 12, 2011
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Its hard to get use to the rev limiter....the GTs cut out at 6 grand, with this Mach 1 you can push it to dam near 7. My dumb ass keeps shifting at 6 thinking its gonna over rev hahaha. I have 2 buddies that drive T/As, but neither one is close to stock so i have no idea how it does against a stock LS1. The Machs should only have 305 hp and i'm not sure what the LS puts out....,i thought it was 325 or 350
January 09, 2011
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you know that picture of the black camaro in the beginning of the "dont f#@k with camaro" my next one will be like that with a TT set up :) dont wry ill never leave the just sitting on the side lines for now lol.....subypal and i might be working on some projects in the future that will be a plus! i just need to sell this car... its just a car to me i will be sad to see it go but ill have another one in the future :)
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