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Last Login: May 13, 2009
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Gender: male
Age: 42
Location: Springfield, US
just a regular guy
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I was born a poor white child then raced Mustang 2s and 3s in super modified street races around the Eugene Springfield areas and even Roseburg areas on occasion. I raced one of my Mustang 3s in the Twin City run and won--winning back all the money from the Fatman thus saving the school. Also, not only did I win the Oregon Cannonball-Onterio to Astoria in a 76 Jeep Cherokee with a homemade tunnel ram made out of soup cans, but in a time that made the Millenium Falcon's Kesel run time seem like old people having sex. But I blew all my winnings on Strippers that were addicted to Gucci and coke. Then I lived out of Econline and Mini Vans for most of my 20s. After some drug deals and shaking down some steet prostitues I'm back on top. I'm a homeowner now with stolen welders, tire balancers,DVD players and a super modifed CR-V with a salt shaker half full of cocaine in the cup holder.
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August 29, 2008
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It's the Twin City run.....
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