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Last Login: Apr 23, 2008
Member Since: Oct 17, 2007
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Location: Minneapolis, US
My Videos
Lenay crashes ice in Canada
5 minutes 7 seconds
Views: 3,862
Added: Nov 15, 07
my day with Travis Pastrana
5 minutes 28 seconds
Views: 21,186
Added: Oct 17, 07
Comments (7)
hello how r u doing... i left for awhile but if your my friend i guess i'm back... tell me how you have been?good i hope well all is as well as it can get for now here so cheer me up so i can smile again!!!!!!
December 14, 2007
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Stumbeled across some more, great fotographer to.
November 29, 2007
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We want more pictures! lol .... Hey just wanted to let you know great job on the videos very fun. Rock On!
November 15, 2007
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You need to write english haha
November 13, 2007
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u need to put on pics o suming like ur car or u wb xx
November 12, 2007
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hi hows u wat u upto wb
November 05, 2007
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More videos, PLEASE!