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Last Login: Oct 26, 2009
Member Since: Jan 8, 2009
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Location: Gilbert, US
Creative Petrolhead As a world-traveled web designer and branding expert, I have always been interested in capturing the moment: from the mundane to the exciting zest that spills into our daily lives. I have an interest nature, culture, and of course cars and racing.

I have visited over a dozen countries world-wide with my camera in hand. I lived in England while I finished my Masters degree in Graphic Communication, worked in busy London as a designer, then landed back in Arizona where I work, play and drive.

If you haven't noticed, and like all of us here, I love cars. I am currently working my way towards a competition license, and run a business that specializes in automotive promotions and photography.

For more information visit my websites at:

My Videos
Arroyo Seco - SuperLap - 1991 1.5l Miata (Build in
4 minutes 1 seconds
Views: 345
Added: Jul 22, 09
Gumpert Apollo on the Road
28 seconds
Views: 1,740
Added: Jan 12, 09
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British Kings
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Smallest Car in the World Peel P50 Top Gear
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Top Gear Season 12 Episode 1
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Comments (15)
July 10, 2009
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Awesome channel... You have a real 'eye' for photography!
April 13, 2009
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Thanks. I WISH that would be me in the pic, haha.Have a nice week!
March 16, 2009
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Hi Thanks for adding me, Love your Photo's
March 16, 2009
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thanks for friend request
February 12, 2009
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hello and welcome to my friends... i have a new page up and my group page is all new as well so let me know what you think of them... have a good one... as always, Tim...
February 09, 2009
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Yea np problem. We got to represent the big AZ!
February 06, 2009
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btw the gumpert picture are amazing! Nice HDR
February 06, 2009
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love your stuff just visited your website very NICE!! you should join my minis group if you like
February 06, 2009
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Heyyy thanks for accepting, im in North West London..are you in London too ?
January 29, 2009
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I use Canon SLRs, with standard filters. A lot of the magic happens post-production!
My Rides
Gray Lady
Track car placeholder till I get an official race car.
Miss Silverstone
HONDA S2000 2008