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Last Login: Mar 24, 2009
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Age: 29
Location: Livermore, US
Hello Hi, my name is Kevin and I enjoy staying up-to-date on information about cars, tuning, tracks, and events.
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I love cars and watching videos of cars. Feel free to add me as a friend or leave me a comment.
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Here's a funny cut-up of the Fast And The furious.
1 minute 34 seconds
Views: 59,443
Train Air Horn. Really Funny !
2 minutes 20 seconds
Views: 753,055
Wish I had a horn like this!!! Funny as hell!
3 minutes 11 seconds
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VRAlexander's Porsche Carrera GT
3 minutes 37 seconds
Views: 64,897
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March 29, 2009
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hello and welcome to my friends... i have been busy with life i have a lot of new videos to add and i hope to do that within the next week so stay tuned... i also have a group page on called... 'Ferrari Beautiful At Any Speed...'n have a good one and again welcome to my friends... as always, Tim aka Mix Master Ace...
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