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Last Login: Apr 16, 2010
Member Since: Jun 5, 2006
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Location: Buzzards Bay, GB
My Videos
"hard hitters" promo vid for the 10.5 class and ot
60 seconds
Views: 1,630
Added: Sep 10, 07
Dan Millen's turbo outlaw mustang. Super fast !
55 seconds
Views: 5,250
Added: Jun 19, 07
8000+ horsepower Top Fuel dragster starts and revs
1 minute 12 seconds
Views: 17,129
Added: Jun 18, 07
badass TT 03 cobra 820rwhp at only 20 psi. stock e
1 minute 34 seconds
Views: 3,776
Added: Jun 11, 07
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Favorite Videos
2003 Cobra Comp.
3 minutes 33 seconds
Views: 3,208
4 minutes 32 seconds
Views: 23,509
Boosted2000si 500ish HP Cobra, MYWS6 500hp WS6, De
2 minutes 59 seconds
Views: 8,324
short vid of my cobra
5 minutes 22 seconds
Views: 4,341
Comments (4)
December 06, 2008
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new videos up and more to
March 03, 2007
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i love the 03 cobra man!!! very very nice. summer time comes around im getting an 03 mach 1.. should have some fun with it!!! ttyl man
February 28, 2007
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*Supra guy just sent this to me,here is proof he has no life*

from Supra_Guy
date 2/26/2007 10:27 AM
subject RE:RE:RE:RE:SmartGuy
body Ok really i don't give a damn about your friendship nice though while it lasted...I guess anything false shows up eventually...But i'm saying again i'm not him anything was just a coindcidence you need strong proof like login times and others. Remeber Imports4life talking the same shit abiut farmers and having a Supra pic? Yes i was him too and Supraking and Ghost Supra yes i'm commenting all day on 10 profiles because i haveno life
February 16, 2007
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Thanx for the add!!! *Remember mustangs are the best!!!*
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Terminator Cobra
2003 SVT Cobra, metallic silver, bone stock except for K&N CAI.