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Last Login: May 9, 2010
Member Since: Mar 18, 2007
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Location: rhode island, US
MY life, my cars my life is cars especially my cars i loved every car i evr owned. if u got an questions about the kind of cars i owned n wat work i had done to make them faster feel free to ask me i will help u 2 the best of my abilities i try and do things different. i like street racing jus not the politics of it u know standing there talking 4 4 hrs and watch 2-3 races i hate that shit i race for fun but if u talk shit i want money 2 run cus wit shit talkers there r usually excuses 4 y they lostor why they were so far behind or sum other bullshit story. so shit talkers=bullshit lost excuses=$$$. im working on a new project seeing how sum1 seen us doing test runs in Mass n decided to steal my car and engine form the shop so i got the body back jus no motor n tranny so im looking to either do MUSCLE BMW LSX OR A 2JZ CUS I ACTUALLY LIKE DOING WIRING DIAGRAMS.LOL(NO REALLY I DO)jus sumthng i always been good @
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