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STOP Throttle Stop Racing (THATS NOT RACING)
Updated 6 days ago.
Last Login: May 18, 2015
Member Since: Apr 14, 2011
Gender: Male
Age: 59
Location: Near Colo.Springs,Co, US
Old Street Racer/Drag Racer/Rock Guitar Player An Origional AA/FA,trying to get a second lease on life,while I, try to finish the unfinished details of my first life lease! I Just got my 9 year old computer up-dated,and on-line,3 weeks ago (old dog w/new trick). The Machine, is a late 60's 95 inch wheel base chasis w/ a fuel injected B/B Chevy,TH-400 trans./4500 converter,and a 1957 Pontiac 9.3 w/M.T. center section and 3:90 gearset. I don't know much about the history ((yet!) maybe you can help,who Know?) I however do Know 3 things... 1. It never ever went to the store, for milk! 2. I traded my 1965 G.T.O. To get it! 3. The parachute that came with, was rated at 240 MPH
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Old School Rules,with the recent death of Paul Walker,Stuert Hilborn,and a close friend Gary Pace,I realize,that old school is in danger,of becomming extinct!!! When you turn on Barrett Jackson Auto Action,the truley Expensive cars,are the one off's,and the massaged classics!Who?will keep these magnificent machines tuned and running as they should. I just do not believe that an L-88 corvette,with a 350 crate motor,would net you half a million bucks!Shelby,Yenco sYc,Baldwin Motion,and maybe someday, they might even add some of my creations to this list,but I am fearfull that I am watching the death throws of the very things I treasure(I am a bachlor,so no children,of my own). I have been a crusader for Pontiac for years,as if they needed my help,though I can realy make a big block chevy work,for half the money,and now that Pontiac is several years dead,there are more poncho race parts then ever befor,but try to find an intake for a 1963 Pontiac. Walmart no longer carries oil filters for the 1987 ford straight six? I worrie about the Knowlage that will be lost!
It has taken me some time, but I have installed "the Test Mule 389"in the p-1800,for the first test fit,and it looks as though,That engine should have been put in that car,from the beginning!The Designation has now been changed to Herrah V-1800 by V.R.O. (neo-Nordic spelling)...So far I still have not been able to up-load to this site,as I'm given an error code 404 device un-detected.No CLUEI must get back to work,so I'll close with the salutation GODSPEED!!!
I'm still here, it's just that I've been pretty busy, trying to get the car ready for test and tune on may 11th. I became soooo frustrated at my lack of sucsess on up-loading my photos, that I gave up (for a while). It has taken me some time, to put this Pink Eye Sore back togather, so in the mean time, most of the safty gear has expired, and will have to be re-certified...Sounds like fun... I do not have the funding to run the season,so we'll take it race by race.SPONSERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! I have work to do, so I'll close,wishing all who read this GODSPEED!!!
I spent about 3 hours yeserday, trying to figure out, why I can no longer up-load photos to this page,but sofar,no luck!I finialy have my First Subscriber!!! Welcome Peter Mor,Seams we have a bit in common.
I have been trying to post new photos for a week! but something has changed,and I am no loger able to post my pictures.Am I in some kind of trouble?Any advise?
Comming soon,In Car Video,16 Laps in a NASCAR Sprint Cup Car. See Me Miss Third Gear !
I would invite communication, with anyone that may be restoring,or trying to campagine an nostalgia dragster,funnycar,or altered.roadster.
As I look at the counter, I see that Nearly 6000 of you heve stopped to look at the pictures,and I hope you enjoyed then, but only 1 person has left a message? While Imports,Turbo, and computers are all the rage, there must be someone out there. who remembers what it was like, trying to squeeze every last horse out of a production based engine,and make it survive,given the limitations of Big money,superior materials,andcomputer programs, to take all of the thought processes,out of the equation. With the exception of the computer, all of corrent automotive technology, is a derrivitive,of WWII. Aircraft tech. So, until your warpdrive comes on-line, there is no new school!
Computers,and Rotory Engines,are two things I didn't think I would need to know,but in the last month, I had to start learning both,and I can tell you,that I've run into some tough spots...So naturaly, when streetfire's site went down, I thought that I might of been responsable ( while I have had a computer for a few years, I only went on line a month ago, and at times, the navagation has been difficult.
Over the years I have lost touch, with some my car buddies, and best Friends. Thought I might list a few, and should you know any of them, Please direct them to this sight. Audrey Horan, Tracy Ferria,Steve Adcock (Tucson) Desi Hudspeth ( Tucson ) Clearence Green (Tucson-Took me to my first Drag Race ) Sharon Sloan, Tina Fagen, Steve Barrettand Dan Boyde. Thats enough for now... Good Night Jannette Jackson, Wherever You Are!...