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Age: 60
Location: Poquoson, US
Just a car guy. I have always loved cars. Make and model doesn't mean much. I have never owned a car that didn't have some redeeming qualities. I have owned A '54 Chevy a '61 Corvair, a '61 Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprite, a '62 Ford Country Squire Wagon, a '70 Charger 500, many Datsuns, Toyotas, an '87 S-10 4 by 4 that I put a crate 350 in about 12 years ago (it will burn the tires while towing my Angler boat) and many others.
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September 14, 2010
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Thanks for the add! Love both your classic American Muscle Cars! Very Nice! Please come show them off at as well! We'd love to see both of these at our site! Use PROMO CODE SN0810 for a FREE Platinum Membership! Thanks so much!
September 13, 2009
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for the request brother. my Dart is a '70, factory 340 Swinger w/auto. now it sports a (mild) 383 with 468whp. nice rides by the way
January 27, 2009
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Well thank ya. I hope she does.. I may be gettin rid of it for a full sized truck though, but we shall see.
January 16, 2009
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She is fast bro. thx for the comment. I like that old school style as well. nice swagger.
January 08, 2009
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January 08, 2009
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Thanks for the video comments! By the way, awesome page!
January 04, 2009
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Have you look at the car's i have got
January 04, 2009
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you have cool cars
January 01, 2009
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Happy new year
December 25, 2008
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merry chrismas, jerry and happy new year :)
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1970 AMX
'70 AMX, ram-air, 4 speed, posi, power brakes, power steering, factory side pipes.
1970 Mach 1
Showroom stock. Bought as a collector car.
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