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Last Login: Feb 13, 2011
Member Since: Jul 2, 2006
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Location: Tempe, US
"The World Is But A Canvas To The Imagination"
My Videos
'69 Z28 Camaro
2 minutes 3 seconds
Views: 14,972
Added: Sep 04, 08
GT42R 6-Speed Supra vs. N/A Competition Saleen S7
3 minutes 50 seconds
Views: 82,183
Added: Jul 08, 08
'69 Yenko Camaro Presented by JPJ Studios
3 minutes 10 seconds
Views: 36,167
Added: May 02, 08
TX2K8 Supra Nationals DVD Trailer
3 minutes 21 seconds
Views: 160,607
Added: Apr 25, 08
Favorite Videos
ride in a supra, FUNNY AS HELL!!!!!
3 minutes 47 seconds
Views: 2,746,925
Comments (29)
August 06, 2009
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yo man whats up my birthday is on the 25
May 21, 2009
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More videos =)
view the Feb/Mar issue at
February 02, 2009
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welcome to my friends i have a new page up let me know what you think i am currently uploading a series of how to videos on customizing our streetfire pages so i hope you enjoy my content... have a good one... as always, Tim... aka Mix Master Ace...
December 31, 2008
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always love the photos!being a photographer myself, I appreciate the angles and colors you find in every car you shoot!
Wishing you a very happy and safe holiday season.
December 21, 2008
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Happy Holidays JPJStudios
December 10, 2008
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sick vids.
December 06, 2008
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new videos up and more to
November 21, 2008
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New video added check my profile vids
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