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Ibuprofen Tylenol

Draining and Drying Closet. Collapsible Tube. 5.0 to 1 000.0 capacity. The drawers have the same superficial size, but differ in height ; they are lined with zinc, the bottom being slightly in- clined toward the rear so that the rinsing water may escape through an appropriate orifice and collect in a common receptacle at the bottom of the closet, from which it is automatically carried into a common drain. The rear wall of the closet, similar to the drawers themselves, is also zinc- lined. Apoth. Ztg., xxiv (1909), No. 91, 859. Collapsible Tubes Label Attachment, George Wenderoth has intro- duced collapsible lubes with a tag attachment for labeling contents, which, as shown by Fig. 56, recommends itself as a practical device in dispensing prescriptions for ointments, pastes, etc. Acetaminophen Tylenol 3 Pharm. Ztg., liv ( 1909), No. 91, 900. Digitized by VjOOQIC ZINC CONTAINERS. 63 Drug Jars Improved Form, W. Haldenwanger has patented an im- proved form of drug jar which, apart Tylenol Ibuprofen from its pleasing shape, possesses cer- tain practical advantages over the shop jars ordinarily in use. As shown by Fig- 57> the bottom of the jar is rounded on the inner surface, so as to avoid the sharp angles of the usual form, thus facilitating What Is Tylenol the complete removal of the contents and the subsequent ^^^' 57- cleaning, while the mouth of the jar flares outwardly, per- mitting Is Tylenol Acetaminophen the introduction of the hand or finger for the same purpose. Pharm. Ztg., liv (1909), No. 82, 811. Porcelain Drug-Jars Important Improvement, Docring calls attention to the improved white porcelain drag jars and containers which have recently been in- troduced by the Berlin firm of Bach & Riedel. These jan, while white on the outside and in no way distin- Drug Jars. guished in appearance from the ordinary shelf ware, are glazed on the inner surface impenetrably blacky thus excluding light com- pletely from the substances contained in them. Pharm. Ztg., liv (1909), No. 85, 839. White Enameled Ware Utility in Laboratory Operations. E. Ful- lerton Cook calls attention to a line of white enameled ware, sold in the bouse goods departments of many stores, which may be applied Ibuprofen And Tylenol with great advantage to many drug-store laboratory operations. He has used them for water- baths for several years. The plates admirably adapt themselves to ewers for funnels and percolators. Codeine Tylenol The bowls, of many sizes, are inex- pensive and strong and clean, and may be used in innumerable ways and for almost every purpose for which a porcelain dish is required. Amer. Joam. Pharm., Sept., 1909, 417. Aluminum Utensils Precaution against Contact with Mercurials, "]. Sch." observes that while it is generally well understood that alkalies, Ibuprofen Tylenol soap, acids, etc., act unfavorably on aluminum, it is not so well Pm Tylenol known that certain dry salts, particularly those of mercury, are injurious to aluminum "Jtoisils, converting the metal into oxide. Tylenol Codeine 3 Mere traces of Acetaminophen Tylenol corrosive ablimate, for example, in contact with an aluminum surface produce Tylenol 3 �pots consisting of alumina, the mercury being reduced and further injur- fflg the aluminum by forming an amalgam. While aluminum is of itself <^t)inbustible in air, to form aluminum oxide a superficial thin layer of oxide is almost instantaneously formed on the surface, and this protects it from further oxidation. Pharm. Ztg., Iv Tylenol Codeine (19 10), No. 34, 346. Zinc Containers Corrosion by Alum, Dose Of Tylenol Dr. O. Langkopf having oppor- tonity to subject an incrustation Where Is Tylenol which Tylenol Pm had formed in a zinc canister used for storing Is Acetaminophen Tylenol alum, found that this incrustation was caused Tylenol And Codeine by the decompo- ^tion of Tylenol Acetaminophen the alum incited by high temperature and involving the container it�lf. The explanation is as follows : Primarily the zinc was oxidized by Digitized by VjOOQ IC 64 REPORT ON THE PROGRESS OF PHARMACY. the high (climatic) temperature prevailing and by the moisture supplied Is Tylenol Ibuprofen by the vapojrization of the water of crystallization of the alum. In turn the zinc oxide precipitated alumina from the aluminum sulphate and was converted into zinc sulphate, water being again liberated, thus facilitating the further oxidation of the zinc. Pharm. Zentralh., 5/ (19 10), No. 17, 333- Round Labels An Extemporized Receptacle, L. W. Marshall gives the following directions for constructing the convenient receptacles for round labels shown by Fig. 58 : " Procure a block of wood and have a carpenter saw holes the size of the paper used. Save the round blocks. Take pieces of heavy cardboard (or pieces of mailing tubes and cut slits up their sides about an inch wide) and insert them in the openings and place the round blocks back. The latter will hold the tubes in place. Labels Fig. 58. Round Labels. may then be stacked in the tubes where they will always be Tylenol Or Ibuprofen in place." Drugg. Circ, Aug., 1909, 399. Label Requirements in State Pure Food and Drug Laws is the subject of a paper by E. G. Eberle which appears in the "Proceedings" of 1909 (p. 693-695 \ in which attention is directed to some of the difficulties encountered in compliance with the requirements, some of which are of questionable necessity or utility.
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