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tired of having to log on every day
Updated April 12, 2011
Last Login: Jul 8, 2014
Member Since: Apr 22, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Location: Dawson Creek, CA
My Videos
INSANELY LOUD Supercharged 800hp Z06 Vette
4 minutes 8 seconds
Views: 241
Added: May 20, 13
Ultimate Factorys Dodge Viper
45 minutes 49 seconds
Views: 940
Added: Mar 04, 11
Top Gear Season 15 Episode 5
62 minutes 22 seconds
Views: 205,477
Added: Jul 25, 10
Top Gear Season 15 Episode 4
10 minutes 0 seconds
Views: 424,069
Added: Jul 18, 10
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October 17, 2009
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hello i am sorry for being so late on welcoming you to my friends i have been way busy with my business so i hardly have the time to be on this site anymore so i apologize for being late i have tons of episodes of Overhaulin' to add to my videos to i will get around to it soon anyways have a good one and welcome to the family and join my group on here called 'Ferrari Beautiful At Any Speed...'as always, Mix Master Ace
August 31, 2008
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Sorry man, that photo is one of my fathers friends Ultima. in a town 13 hours south. from what i remember it had a 383ci V8 in it with around 450-500hp N/A. in the future if i see it again i will bring a camera.

Hows your texas mile murderer coming along?
July 01, 2008
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Post some photos please.... I am HIGHLY considering a GTR Ultima =)
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