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GoPro HD: 2011 Pike's Peak - Monster Tajima Talks
1 minute 45 seconds
Views: 28,592
Added: Jun 28, 11
GoPro HD Motorsports HERO: Porsche at Laguna Seca
3 minutes 23 seconds
Views: 751
Added: Oct 30, 09
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August 05, 2011
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PS - If you would be interested in our website promoting your product...let us know. We'd be happy to help out in any way we can...we've heard many of our own members discussing your Cameras at length.
August 05, 2011
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Just wanted to say...thanks for the add! You guys make some amazing Cameras! The HD Motorsports HERO is awesome! We've seen its results numerous times and have been very impressed! :)
March 18, 2010
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I put together alittle video of some of my GoPro footage so far on my Ninja, 240sx and 10 second DSM. All in standard def. Looking forward to getting an HD Hero soon and thanks for the sponsorship and support. Great products. 1219.htm
March 01, 2010
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Shot using the GoPro HD Motorsport package. happy with the quality of your product.
January 01, 2010
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I love the camera set up. But I always have prob with the audio. And sollutions? I think I might buy a couple more just to have them around the car for different shots. Love your product.
December 08, 2009
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This camera system is awesome, the best and it isn't expensive
December 01, 2009
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The Audio in the video is awesome. How come people are saying the audio isn't that great? I'm thinking about one of these for X-mas.
November 26, 2009
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Thanks for the request, a very interesting product! Do you have a website?
November 26, 2009
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I have 4 of these!!!Audio quality is not the best...
November 25, 2009
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I always wanted a camera for the inside of my car while I race. I have always thought that would be a good review point, but never found the extra funds. But this is one of the best motorsports cameras I have found. Just wanted to stop by and say Great Job!
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