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glovewren29 There are numerous steps in establishing the fair value of the business. But, before we even do this, it's imperative to know how a company gets its revenue. Does it do that by selling to people? licensing its technology to other companies? or extracting natural resources from the surface?

The practical way to do it's by studying their annual report. What is an annual report? Annual report is annual guide by public companies to better inform buyer regarding the company's profession. Annual statement gives buyers a look of their distinct business, financial health along with management's strategies for doing business.

Let's take a look at CNET Net-works Inc. The business deals in the NASDAQ market with symbol: CNET. What does CNET do? I understand CNET owns But do you know that additionally it owns,, and How do I realize that? Yep, you guess it. CNET's Annual Report will provides you with all that.

From CNET's annual report, we could do a little digging for CNET's web traffic. By August 27th 2005, these websites of CNET draws three minutes of all internet traffic. Fairly remarkable, due to the fact Google holds 23% of web traffic. Google had 78.6 million unique visitors, on April 2005. By comparing this metric, we would have an idea CNET's revenue potential for the-month of August. I'll not go into that but this shows how useful reading CNET's annual report is. Studying an annual report serves since the first step towards buying a specific business. For different interpretations, please check-out:

How do we acquire annual report? There are numerous sources for this. First will be the businesses own internet site. You're interested in understanding more about CNET Networks? You may get the annual report by going to and go to its shareholder relation. After a few presses, then you're able to acquire the annual report.

Or... You are able to visit some sites that provide full annual report for several different businesses in alphabetical order. Our website is one. Undoubtedly, while having a huge selection of annual reports in one place is easy, it is not-as complete as what-the company's own site needs to say..