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EatinLightning wats up guys, names Vega. live in Tampa/ Brandon Fl. im a big ford guy but also love any kind of cars as long as they arent riced out. i been busted for street racing 2 times and ill tell you its not worth the bullshit you gotta deal with afterwards. not saying dont do it, just sayin dont get caught. lol. and be smart about it. dont do it on public roads where theres traffic. alright friends.... ill cya round :)
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June 23, 2009
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hello hey i am sorry for the delay on welcoming you to my friends who i like to call family i started a online promoting business so i have been busy with that but i am back and i will be adding content tomorrow so forgive my tardiness and welcome to the family come check out my page and content and your also welcome to come join my group page on here called... 'Ferrari Beautiful At Any Speed...' it's for all of us car lovers add what ever you want even if it's not exotic stuff well have a good one... peace... as always, Tim... oh and check out...
April 14, 2009
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The all new 2010 Ford Lightning!!! You say did I hear that right? Yes Ford Lightning fans there is a new gen III truck in the works. The 2005 Ford Lightning did not get the full thumbs up but this one looks like it will. Rumor has it that an all new super truck has been spotted in the Land Down Under, in Australia. (Pictures are coming soon). It seems that Ford has been testing different variations of this new Lightning there because Australia has the best all around extreme conditions, from desert heat to high and cold mountains for vehicle testing. I know you all are wondering, how much power this thing has... Right now the specs are reading 550 horsepower and equal amounts of torque. Now don't stop reading because it gets better. The 2010 Ford Lightning will come in two variations. A standard Lighting with a 10,000 lb tow rating and a Light weight Drag Pack version. Both of the 2010 Lightings will come equipped with the 550 HP Dual Cam Mod motor from the now extent Ford GT Super Car. Yet each will serve separate duties. The standard edition will have all the form and function as you have grown to appreciate in the Gen I and II Lightning’s. It will be able to haul a good amount of home improvement goodies and haul some but too. The 2010 Drag Pack Ford Lightning will be a more specific breed and be more of a performer at the track. The 2010 Drag Pack Ford Lightning will be a good 800 - 1000lb lighter than the standard edition The 2010 Drag Pack Ford Lightning. It will come equipped with a full fiberglass bed and track tune suspension. Some resent testing has shown sixty foot times in the 1.7s with street radial and 1/4 ETs in the high 12s. Pricing has not been brought up yet but look for a price around $50,000 to start.
December 13, 2008
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Awesome page!