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Last Login: Jun 28, 2013
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Age: 40
Location: Murfreesboro, US
those of us who have fast cars. Dont drive them every day. ( love the smell of race gas in the morning)
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just your ordanary car lover. i dont discriminate if it looks good sweet. hell my daily driver is a black and yellow 01 ford focus.(slighty tuned)
Favorite Videos
Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground; l'Autodrome, France
7 minutes 41 seconds
Comments: 88 | Views: 139,079
Shot just south of Paris, France in Linas at l'Autodrome de Linas --Montlhéry, this 1.58 mile oval track, built in 1924, features banks as steep as 51 degrees, which is more than double the standard incline of most NASCAR ovals. Chosen by Ken for this specific reason, the ramp-like banking proved to be a unique and exciting challenge. The driving physics for the stunts performed were totally unknown until Ken attempted the maneuvers during filming.
Bjorck GT47-88 Supra Compilation
7 minutes 45 seconds
Comments: 32 | Views: 20,834
Peter Björcks Supra. Compilation of clips from 2006-2010 Current setup. Built 3.0ltr(eagle rods, cp pistons, billet maincaps) - 6spd - GT47-88 - Crower 280 cams - ViPec V88 EMS - ported head with 1mm crower ovesized valves. Dual fuel system. Gas on idle and low loads, on higher loads it switches over to E85. 490cc and walbro for gas and 2400cc injectors, weldon fpr and fuelab pump for E85
DC Ken Block Impreza Gymkhana *MUST SEE*
4 minutes 27 seconds
Comments: 92 | Views: 103,502
Ken Block CEO of DC showing off his skills
Rotary powered V6 drift c6 corvette.
39 seconds
Comments: 112 | Views: 13,276
It was 100 degrees outside so I had to go at least 643 miles an hour with the windows down so I could cool off to the max.
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wifes ride
was a carshow car now daily driver. 2 toned it cause of hail damage. Carbon fiber hood.