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October 24, 2008
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well good luck with ur car man oh and please dont bother with a 305 man...there an ok engine just not anything to use in a car ur trying to make fast.....hints thats why they didnt use them in vettes. use a 350 or 400 block and build off of that and u will be much happier with the results!
October 24, 2008
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i am running a 385 stroker in mine now with a built 700r4 with the factory rear end other than a spool to lock the axles together and it has great top end speed with the 373s....with my shift lite set 7500 rpm it shifts into 2nd gear at 70 mph and into 3rd at 120 and i havent found a place long enough to rap 3rd out,but i raced an 05 vette and he said we were going 160 on a city road at like 2 in the morning and hit a light.neither of us were done accelerating and i was just over 5000 rpm when i let off and i can rev the little stroker to 10,000 rpm,now i just need a huge long flat road and an aftermarket speedometer to see how fast i can really go with it!
October 24, 2008
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man im not sure about all the talk about the gears....when my car(86 iroc)was 100% stock with the T.P.I. 305 and factory 373 gears it would hit the 145 mph mark at around 5800 rpm but it also has an automatic rather than his T5.
June 16, 2008
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hey man thanks for the add
June 07, 2008
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Yea that's the Belle.
June 05, 2008
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I don't really know what to tell you on that one. I didn't really think you could do much wider tires on these cars without some type of tubbing it. I was sort of asking you that question. But cool. Maybe someday I will have enough money to do a swap or something.
June 01, 2008
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Damn. What did you do about your tire set-up?
May 30, 2008
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Magnaflow and Flowmaster are both performance mufflers. It's basically which brand you trust or which sound you like better. On cars like ours if one muffler claims to add 12hp and the other one will add 9hp you won't notice the performance difference between a few hp like that. I would suggest if those are the two you are choosing between... go with the sound you like better.
May 23, 2008
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Yep and I love the sound. But I just have 2" or 2 1/2" steel pipes coming out of the muffler so it doesn't have that loud cracking sound you get from the bigger thin chrome tips. I like the sound of mine coming from the steel pipes because it sounds good but isn't outrageously loud all the time. For that I got a cut-out.
May 07, 2008
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I bought one of those $100 15hp/20ft lb tq chips, I added the strut bar across the engine and put sub-frame connectors on. The chip added little difference but the strut bar and sub-frame connectors made night and day handling performance. Don't get me wrong the car rides hard now but it will out-handle damn near anything. I've got 225 tires and my brother has a 1997 Camaro SS with 275's and he cant pull away from me on an on-ramp or curve. I've played with a Mitsubishi 300-GT VR4 on an on-ramp and I out-handled him. So if you're looking for handling then I definitely suggest sub-frame connectors and the strut bar, but go-fast mods the closest thing I can say or have heard about is an LS1 swap. I've heard you can't build up 305's so might as well go for the bullet proof LS1, that's the one mistake I made when my original engine blew.
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