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posted more racing videos GoPro HERO HD!
Updated April 26, 2011
Last Login: Feb 2, 2015
Member Since: Jul 11, 2007
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Location: Camarillo, US
Slightly Off Camber All my videos are original. I do not 'steal' videos from other places on the internet and claim them as my own. That goes for my pictures too. As for me, I love to work on cars, drive them and go fast. I live for the throaty sound of a healthy V8. There is no replacement for displacement. Yes Superchargers and Turbochargers are very cool, but N/A is the best. I work for a championship race team and get paid in cheeseburgers and fries. We work our butts off before and during races to be #1 and it shows. Not only do we perform well, we look good doing it. Racing with Class is what we do. Punting someone out of the way is cheap and borderline cheating in my eyes.
My Videos
GFO Racing Bartstow Testing OFF ROAD 2011
6 minutes 16 seconds
Views: 362
Added: Nov 15, 11
GFO Racing 1445 - BAP 2011 - SNORE
6 minutes 0 seconds
Views: 330
Added: May 26, 11
JW Racing Auto Club Late Model 4-30-2011
3 minutes 16 seconds
Views: 173
Added: May 25, 11
JW Racing WIN SWTT Toyota Speedway 4-30-2011
3 minutes 57 seconds
Views: 524
Added: May 10, 11
Favorite Videos
9 minutes 31 seconds
Views: 2,408
Zuperman - Two turbine Cobra helicopter
4 minutes 46 seconds
Views: 1,960
JW Racing at I-10 Speedway 11-28-09
3 minutes 14 seconds
Views: 4,059
JW Racing Toyota Speedway 9-19-09
3 minutes 51 seconds
Views: 7,820
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April 22, 2010
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I'm working on multiple videos. Stay Tuned for some awesome....stuff. BTW - I just got a GoPro HD Hero camera. SO AMAZING!
February 05, 2010
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Thanks for the add on crazyone profile....lates
March 30, 2009
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hello and welcome to my friends... i have been busy with life i have a lot of new videos to add and i hope to do that within the next week so stay tuned... i also have a group page on called... 'Ferrari Beautiful At Any Speed...'n have a good one and again welcome to my friends... as always, Tim aka Mix Master Ace...
December 12, 2008
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Have a great weekend!
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