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attached to her tight jeans, told me, "Some people think I look stupid, because of the way I dress. They think . . . 'She wanna look good all the time and she don't have any time to concentrate on school . . . .' But that's not me." She's a B student, and told me that her current goal was to be less social in order to raise her average even higher. When I asked teens in the schools I visited -- large, urban, featuring a multicultural student body -- to describe their style, "hip-hop" was the most common response. Along with peers, R&B singers and rappers ranked among their most common fashion influences. In their CD collections, artists such as Usher, 50 Cent, P. Diddy and Ludacris took top spots. This connection between rap music and hip-hop fashions may be part of what makes the mainstream nervous about obviously urban fashions. Rap music is seen as the harder side of hip-hop, and a study published in the American Sociological Buy Vasodilan Online Purchase Vasodilan Online Review found it to be one of the few genres widely disliked by well-educated Americans -- even those who claim diverse music tastes. Another piece of evidence often cited against the over-large pants Order Vasodilan Online look is a commonly cited theory of its origin: The look may have been started by men in jail who didn't have belts to hold up their ill-fitting clothes. Yet this association, often at the forefront for adults, tended to escape the kids I spoke to. Like the boy above, whose mother was afraid he'd turn "bad," many said they wore the pants just "because they're more comfortable." Most rap-favoring students had similar aspirations to others students I met. Across the board, 90 percent said they believed they'll attend college. And, like their peers, rap fans aspired to be scientists, stockbrokers and lawyers, among other things. Moreover, though schools sometimes impose dress codes in order to ban gang identification, many boys I spoke to told me they Buy Cheap Vasodilan actually use their clothing to signal a disassociation from gangs -- choosing a do-rag instead of a red or blue bandanna, for example. Given the risks of being misunderstood by adults, why do teens dress the way they do? In a nutshell, for status. Most of us would like to be seen as hip and cool by our peers, but for certain teens, this may be the only aspect of life they can control. Uncool middle-class adults can draw upon their wealth, education and contacts to improve status -- they can find a better job, buy a bigger house, work longer hours for more pay. But for teens -- especially those from poorer households-- these means are for the most part unavailable. Hence, peer status really matters. It doesn't, however, preclude other aspirations. Contrary to what adults may believe, these kids don't think it's uncool to do well in school. As one 16-year-old, whose parents emigrated from Guyana in 1982, said: "The people that do good and come out of here [high school] in four years, they are highly respected. But the people that come with big book bags . . . those are considered geeks." Success, then, was defined as being "able to juggle everything." In other words, kids who are failing academically aren't choosing to reject school and what it has to offer; they're having a hard time "juggling everything." Those who do well academically but not with Buy Vasodilan their peers are labeled geeks; others fail Order Vasodilan in the world of adults, never learning to hoist their pants or off-the-shoulder shirt when the principal walks by, or to wear more appropriate attire at a job interview. Kids need guidance, then, not on how high to wear their pants or what styles supposedly aren't conducive to learning, but rather on how to balance their need for peer respect with their desire for adult success. For this, they may want to look back on a previous generation, the members of which were labeled teenage delinquents when they first took up a uniform originally created for miners and cowboys. These were the baby boomers, of course, in their ubiquitous jeans -- designer versions of which now sell for upwards of $200 a pop. Purchase Vasodilan Remember that the next time a teen's underwear peeks at you above his or her waistband. Author's e-mail : [2]natashawarikoo at
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