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Age: 2015
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turbo civic on e85 dyno runs
3 minutes 13 seconds
Views: 1,253
Added: Sep 26, 09
Turbo cavalier goes 11s traping 135mph making over
2 minutes 19 seconds
Views: 6,016
Added: Sep 09, 09
Turbo cavalier 11.6 @134mph
2 minutes 15 seconds
Views: 6,825
Added: May 06, 09
8-1-08 midnight madness STL
7 minutes 18 seconds
Views: 1,319
Added: Aug 02, 08
Favorite Videos
WORLD Racing "Over The Top" 1700hp 4cyl
3 minutes 15 seconds
Views: 27,451
Turbo Cavalier on the dyno 448whp 426tq @ 20lbs of
2 minutes 9 seconds
Views: 23,375
Turbo Cavalier on 19lbs boost, multiple 12.5 passe
2 minutes 45 seconds
Views: 23,023
13.0 @117mph pass Turbo Cavalier running 14lbs of
2 minutes 9 seconds
Views: 5,637
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August 15, 2009
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were did you get the turbo header for your car
August 19, 2008
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Is There A Way That You Could Put A Bigger Engine In?I Have An 02' Cavi, And I'm Thinking ABout Doing Some Major Mods In The Future; sick of ppl hating on my car and want to blow them away..I See That You Are Running A 2.4L Eco But If You Could Go Balls To The Wall..And Put A Stronger Engine In...Then This Car Would Pack Some Serious Heat.The Only Other Problem Is The Redline Is Too Quick..Whats The Point In Having A 500whp Car That Only Reaches 120mph?Is There A Way To Increase That...Govenor?If You Could Put A Better Engine In..And Fix The Mph To Say At Least 160mph+ Then This Car Would Be Amazing!It Has Potential If You're Willing to Spend The Money..But All This Cavi Hating Has To End..Get Back!
August 05, 2008
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please we need to talk nice ride
February 29, 2008
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Hey bro

that is one sick ride you have, props, respect on the build.

i was so excited about my z24 when i saw your vids, excellent job you did.

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