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THE FREAK WILL RETURN rebuilding my car at the moment. i'm changing alot of stuff so the outsome this time is going to be very interesting. can't wait to post some videos of it.
brandon wilder
i'm from manchester tennessee. love imports can't get enough of em. i've got a turbo ls/vtec hatch which is under the knife as we speak but will be back in full power and kicking domestic ass!!!!
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serious traction issues in my turbo ls/vtec hatch
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serious traction issues.
22 seconds
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Added: Feb 22, 09
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November 01, 2008
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For real? Those are the pistons I gotta get then. I been bidding my time on the ring tryna get the SS 2.4L up and ready for another winter, but cann't seem to get the money at the moment. I got get my lil D16Z6 tooken apart asap cuz it's startin to smoke from below the intake manifold. Don't what it is yet, still finding out. My buddy, that's works on it tells me cuz I'm still learning everything out myself. I might get a junkyark D16Z6 and drop it in mines til we rip apart the one that's in it. Hahaa!
October 18, 2008
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Down but not out???
October 16, 2008
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Hmm...I'm not totally sure. I never had a compression test done to my car yet. My buddy told me it was my piston rings cuz he took my VTEC solenoid off, the other day, and found metal shavings in it. I def gotta gets those rings soon cuz I'm tired of changing the oil every month. Starting to get expensive. LOL
September 19, 2008
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Yes those numbers are to the wheels. And she is running a mild tune 0f 15psi no timing

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The Freak
It's a 92 civic cx hatch.
honda del sol vtec 1994
its black its got a body kit. not sure which kind or what not because it came with it already instal...