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Last Login: Sep 5, 2009
Member Since: Oct 5, 2008
Gender: male
Age: 34
Location: kapiti, NZ
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Just love thrashing my rb.looking for a tyre sponser lol,but i love all cars v8s to lil old rotarys.any things better than walking!getting computer and tune next so should be looking at 230 rwk with turbo and fuel setup 400 plus then.
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Nissan r34 gtt burnout
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Added: Jan 10, 09
Nissan r34 burnout gtt
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killing the auto!
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nissan skyline sideways
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January 27, 2009
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Thanks for adding me! Please be sure to check out our automotive DIY show on Streetfire's Channels page!
January 19, 2009
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Hey there thanks for that add.we defintaly are jealous of you over here in North america ManImports have to be 15 years old before you can bring them into the country so we have some waiting to do before we can get our hands on r34's but 33's are eligable this year, so we should be seeing alot more of themNice car by the way thumbs up
December 29, 2008
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Hey bro where bouts in NZ are u??
December 06, 2008
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thanks for the add man!
November 24, 2008
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Thanks for the comment, its pushin around 300 to the flywheel, wish it was to the ground, lol. and its only fwd, Im ok with it because its lighter than the awd.
November 23, 2008
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Hey bro, thanks for the invite, love skylines!
November 21, 2008
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Hey thanks for the add dude!! That vid you made looked a load of fun!! Love seeing other Skyline owners and enthusiasts on here. Nice GT-T. Was it hard to get one from where you are?K dude catch ya soon.
November 20, 2008
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Will you please vote for me? can vote everyday and please put in 10 points...Thank you!
October 13, 2008
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No sadly its all motor :(
But it's a 450hp rotary so you cant argue with that. That car had F***n amazing acceleration but the problem with em is that they are very high maintenace vehicles. My advice, dont get one. Stick with your RB's, sadly i'd have to swap a 240 to be able to feel that kind of power. Check this guy out:
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