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RIP Alex. You were a good friend and will be missed.
Updated June 28, 2010
Last Login: Dec 31, 2012
Member Since: Apr 24, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Location: Houston, US
Signature Automobiles
More About Me
Autograf is your source for late-model performance and aftermarket tuning. If you are interested in anything from adding a little power to your Mustang with an exhaust all the way to a twin-turbo widebody Corvette, we have the talent and solutions to help you create your 'Signature Automobile.'

To get in contact with us,
please call Mitch @ 713-269-4878
or email at
My Videos
Our 2010 GT500 puts down an incredible 904hp!
44 seconds
Views: 63,990
Added: Jul 09, 10
Autograf Porsche 911 Turbo Baseline Dyno
37 seconds
Views: 270
Added: Jun 29, 10
Autograf Camaro SS Dyno
33 seconds
Views: 544
Added: Jun 18, 10
Autograf Whipple Supercharged GT500 Dyno and Street Run
2 minutes 10 seconds
Views: 1,614
Added: Jun 10, 10
Comments (10)
November 29, 2010
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Thanks for sharing the picture of that amazing collection! That's awesome Josh! You guys should start turning bikes! I looking at going back to two wheels for my speed fixes! ;)
July 14, 2010
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The 904 made the weekly favorite! Congrats!
June 08, 2010
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Great cars! I met the guy that owns your KR800... had to show him how to pull some codes with the tuner... Slow bank 2 sensor 1 .... told him which o2 to change ... had a chance to look the car over GREAT WORK !! I didn't know diablo tuners were that good I use a tweecer about to swap to a quarter horse...
January 02, 2009
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Happy New Year =)
July 23, 2008
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great cars!
July 01, 2008
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Great videos... great cars... ONE OF THE MOST ORGANIZED shops that I have visited... and amazing cars.. Driving your GT at 200mph was too easy....keep up the great work =)
Awesome vids
hello there!
May 07, 2008
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sweet dyno pulls guys. Can't wait to see the new cars up-close. Keep the great videos coming!!
May 05, 2008
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check out my new vids on my profile, in the video pages
My Rides
C6 Corvette
This C6 Corvette has Z06 Wheels and Quarter Panels
New School Eleanor
Our modern take on "Eleanor." Featured in "5.0 mustang" magazine (Sep. 2007 p.112-116)
H2 Mudslinger
HUMMER H2 2007
If you thought burning the pavement with new-school supercars was all autograf was about, think ag...