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Last Login: Jan 19, 2012
Member Since: Sep 17, 2008
Gender: male
Age: 42
Location: Seymour, US
E. Tennessee Luder
My Rides
Antykain's Lude
~1997 Honda Prelude (base) ~2.2l DOHC VTEC
My Videos
2009 Ford Focus RS
2 minutes 53 seconds
Comments: 31 | Views: 37,358
Added: Jan 30, 09
2009 Ford Focus RS.. Coming to the US? hmmph, Doesn't seem so.. atleast not yet. EU got its hands on it. wtf.. :/
Monster Truck Kills Man Madison, WI 1/25/09 COMPLE
7 minutes 26 seconds
Comments: 46 | Views: 13,641
Added: Jan 27, 09
Monster Truck crushes 41 year old announcer as he is hit at a monster truck show in Madison, WI. In the video, you can see him come out onto the main floor, not paying much attention to the truck coming his way. Part 2 will show the driver's reaction and the paramedics taking him away.
Honda Prelude's with front end conversions..
3 minutes 7 seconds
Comments: 12 | Views: 7,679
Added: Jan 27, 09
An older vid featuring a '01 Prelude SH with a JDM Teggy front end, and a '00 Type S with a R34 GTR front.. nicely done.
Lowrider Routine almost goes wrong.
1 minute 16 seconds
Comments: 10 | Views: 6,782
Added: Jan 21, 09
Guy almost crushed when lowrider routine almost goes wrong.
Fire Truck Crashing into another Fire Truck
12 seconds
Comments: 7 | Views: 5,028
Added: Dec 09, 10
Fire truck runs through red light and get struck by another fire truck.. T-bone style.
'97 Honda Prelude Rod Bearing Knock
30 seconds
Comments: 14 | Views: 3,787
Added: Oct 08, 08
This was taken last week, October 2nd, 2008. Noticed my engine making a new noise and took her to the shop. Well, turns out it was the one of the rod bearings. Put her in the shop the next day. :( Sorry about the background noise..
Illegal Drift: Yokohama Street Drifting Exclusive
1 minute 47 seconds
Comments: 1 | Views: 1,689
Added: Jan 29, 09
Nice drifting footage from Yokohama, JPN.. JDM style.
The new 2010 Porshe 911 GT3..
1 minute 33 seconds
Comments: 0 | Views: 1,573
Added: Jan 30, 09
The new 911 GT3 - from the inner sanctum of Porsche's motorsport department. Join Walter Röhrl, two-time world rally champion, when he gets to grips with this sportscar on the Autodromo del Levante.
BMW M5 - MT Tribute
1 minute 51 seconds
Comments: 5 | Views: 1,495
Added: Jan 30, 09
A tribute to one of Motor Trends favorite BMW's, the V10-powered M5.
Best FWD Car Ever? 2008 Honda Civic Mugen Si
3 minutes 44 seconds
Comments: 8 | Views: 1,434
Added: Jan 23, 09
Senior Edward Loh takes Honda's top dog Civic Si, the Civic Mugen Si, for a hot lap around the Streets of Willow.
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December 10, 2010
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PS - Use Promo Code SN0810 for a Free Platinum Membership on the Prelude
December 10, 2010
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Thanks for the add! Sick Prelude! Sucks that they don't make those cars anymore...those things were pretty badass! Please come show it off at as well...we'd love to have you as a member!
January 25, 2009
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Thanks for adding me! Please be sure to check out our automotive DIY show on Streetfire's Channels page!
October 18, 2008
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October 16, 2008
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Finally picking up the 'Lude after have the rod bearings replaced and valve adjustments. Can't wait to get her back..
October 12, 2008
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hi nice having you as a friend. likr yuor musik.
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