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Last Login: Nov 5, 2014
Member Since: Nov 30, 2008
Age: 24
Location: Indianapolis, US
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3000gt Flyby
31 seconds
Comments: 4 | Views: 715
Added: Jan 03, 09
94 3000GT SL TT Tanabe Full Exhaust Hks Bov 6psi Vr4 setup
3000gt vs Srt4
1 minute 3 seconds
Comments: 8 | Views: 811
Added: Dec 31, 08
3000gt SL TT w/Tanabe Full Exhaust, K&N Air Intake, HKS BOV, 6psi Srt4 w/stage 2, Intake
2004 STI vs. 1994 3000gt SL TT
42 seconds
Comments: 0 | Views: 808
Added: Dec 30, 08
40 roll 3000gt TT conversion Full Tanabe exhaust 2004 STI Downpipe Leak Cold air intake ECU upgrade STI missed 4th
Sound Clip of Tanabe Exhaust
6 seconds
Comments: 3 | Views: 1,451
Added: Dec 30, 08
Tanabe full exhaust on my 1994 3000gt SL TT conversion
Favorite Videos
AMS Video Contest Submission #11
2 minutes 11 seconds
Comments: 12 | Views: 10,553
AMS Video Contest Submission #11
WRX STI tribute
4 minutes 1 seconds
Comments: 19 | Views: 8,935
my first vid i made using i movie dealing with one of my favorite cars
Little Kid Stoned After Dentist Visit
1 minute 59 seconds
Comments: 179 | Views: 87,384
This poor little kid had his tooth extract last summer and he's still feeling the effects of the medicine.
the everlasting supra
5 minutes 18 seconds
Comments: 48 | Views: 5,823
the everlasting supra
riding in a 800AWHP++++ VR4 at 28.5PSI
21 seconds
Comments: 9 | Views: 7,123
riding in a 800AWHP++++ VR4 at 28.5PSI
700 whp 3000gt vr4 80mph to 180mph
20 seconds
Comments: 40 | Views: 5,341
700whp 3000gt vr4 dose 3rd and 4th gear pull
Corvette compilation
4 minutes 28 seconds
Comments: 16 | Views: 42,625
Corvette compilation. Z06's, C5's, C6's, and a short look at a C6-R in action. Enjoy.
Corvette compilation
4 minutes 1 seconds
Comments: 46 | Views: 5,945
This is compilation that my friend Mike G. put together. I loved it and wanted to share with everyone who loves corvettes as much as we do. Enjoy Song's list Thank you all for nice comments! Songs 1. Charlie Clouser - Convoy 2. Orbital - Technologicque 3. Hybrid - Ultimatum 4. Traveller - Bright Sign (Trance Mix)
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February 18, 2011
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Thanks the for the add! The Goblin is one badass 3000GT! Those Mitsu's are sick! (Nice Profile Vid)....We'd love for you to come show this off at as well! It would be great to have you as a member! :)
February 15, 2009
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It is awsome, well worth it
February 03, 2009
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Hey whats up man, I like your 3k, as far as my mods go they are all listed under my rides page.
HaHa!! Yeah your SL/TT is really nice too. I though your SL drivetrain would soon get tierd of those extra ponies. I checked with 3SX a while back and they said that build all inall was about 10k minus labor, they also told me the stock 3/S drivetrain would be toast if you beat on it. Best of Luck Man put up some more vids if you decide to upgrade the drivetrain, boost, and internals.
Thanks 4 the Add Man I like your 3/S. FWD Twin Turbo? Nice. Hows the added power working out with your FWD drivetrain?
November 30, 2008
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Thanks for adding me! Please be sure to check out our show on Streetfire's Channels page!
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