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Last Login: Dec 9, 2008
Member Since: Apr 30, 2008
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Location: Clarksville, US
1969 AMC AMX (California) 500 Special with Go Pack
More About Me
Hello guys. I am a mopar fanatic by heart, but I have recently sought out AMC. My first amc was a Gremlin, then I moved up (if you can say that) to a Pacer. I am currently restoring a beautiful 1971 Green Amx and a 1969 Cali 500 Special.. Basic Info on the AMX
My Videos
Utility Vehicle Does a Cartwheel
15 seconds
Views: 487
Added: Sep 01, 08
Amazing Bulldog
1 minute 24 seconds
Views: 319
Added: Sep 01, 08
Slow Motion Lightning Strike
29 seconds
Views: 467
Added: Aug 10, 08
Solider Wardrobe Malfunction
17 seconds
Views: 1,179
Added: Aug 10, 08
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and if trolling was the reason you were banned it more likely then not a month and a final warning.
it doesn't have to be the mod that banned you. when i got banned for 24hours for being on line when drunk oznut told me why i was banned and iirc it was moteraey dave that banned me. as far as i know when your banned the mod that banned you has to say why and for how long on the mod fourm. but then again i could be way off the mark. but as far as i know all mods will be aware your banned and know the reason
i'd hold off on tht fo at least another week cos if thy do a random ip check you'll be permabanned. did you not pm a mod on the vid section to find out? it may have been a mistake or could be a month bann
hey dude. what the hell you get banned from the fourms for????
August 06, 2008
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thanks for the comments guys
August 06, 2008
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Sweet ride bro
May 31, 2008
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Are you still having problems with the Porsche episode?

You're right. The Nismo was going up against an RX-8 and the Nismo350z killed it in the drags. I think we are putting the RX-8 up against an Audi TT. Should be up in several weeks. Keep you eye open for next weeks episode, the two mustangs go at it and it is a close one.
May 30, 2008
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thanx 4 da request ...
much love =]
My Rides
Hotel California Pt2
She is finally semi-restored.. still have to put the trim on her.. that 10.3:1 compressiong is scary...
55 210 Bel-air convertible.. very cool car. 5 on the floor new interior (from foxbody stang)
Hotel California
AMC California 500 Special.. very rare.. very cool American Muscle Car