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Product Showcase: e-Level Controller w/ RockerSwitch Interface

Three programmable heights accessible with RockerSwitch interface. Auto-leveling system using the most accurate TruPosition height sensors with RideMonitor Mode that adjusts while parked and driving.
Reg. Price: $795.00
Category: Van/Pickup/Sport-Utility Product

AccuAir introduced the first auto-leveling control system and is known for innovative design and manufacturing of high-quality pneumatic control systems for the automotive and aerospace industries.

Part Number: AA-ELS4-RSW
Features: 3 Programmable Heights, RideMonitor Mode™, TruPosition™ Height Sensors, Anti “Cross-loading” Technology, RockerSwitch interface, Key-Fob Remote (optional), Active Learning, Manages Air Compressors, Monitors Vehicle Voltage, 100% Weather-Proof
Benefits: Industry Firsts: Adjusts as needed while DRIVING or PARKED, provides accurate leveling regardless of load, and gives balanced spring weights. Learns vehicle suspension operation through automatic calibration.