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Product Showcase: DashDAQ-NAV

The most powerful data monitoring device now gives you the power of turn-by-turn GPS navagation. Monitor your vehicle when you want to know your vehicle. Use GPS when you want to know how to get it places.
Reg. Price: $695.00
Category: Mobile Electronics Product

The leader in OBD2 communication devices. With an extensive history with today's OEM's Drew Technologies offers the most in aftermarket Data Acquisition displays.

Part Number: DashDAQ-XL
Features: with over 10,000 PIDS, monitor vehicle performance from powerful diesel trucks to fuel minded HEV. The DashDAQ-XL puts your vehicles performance in your face.
Benefits: Data monitoring, GPS, Data logger, Fuel economy calculator, and media player all rolled into 1 sleek looking OBD2 device. Know the true output of aftermarket tunes.