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Product Showcase: TpmS (Tire Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System) w/ Cockpit Display

Battery-less tire pressure monitoring system for harsh environments. Detects slow punctures before the driver feels them. Measures temperature as well as pressure. Includes in-vehicle real-time driver display.
Reg. Price: $2,000.00
Category: Engineered Product

Founded in 1957, Auto Meter is the leader in High Performance, Custom, and Aftermarket instrumentation

Part Number: 8720, 8920
Features: 1. No battery or complicated sensor electronics 2. No user maintenance required during full service life 3. Calibration information held in each sensor 4. Measures temperature as well as pressure
Benefits: 1. unrivalled reliability and sensor size/weight. 2. significantly lower total life operating costs. 3. no need to configure module for each sensor. 4. provides early warning of excess temperature before carcass delamination occurs.