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Product Showcase: Forged Aluminum Diesel PowerPak

Designed using diesel specific forgings for the true diesel racer/puller. Allowing maximum flexibility in design and additional strength over OE cast pistons. The top ring grooves are hard anodized for greater wear characteristics.
Reg. Price: $340.00
Category: Performance-Racing Product

MAHLE is the largest piston manufacturer world wide, inventor of the first aluminum piston, Nikasil cylinder lining and many other industry firsts and the technology in piston design and manufacturing.

Part Number:
Features: Diesel Specific Forgings Race Oriented Bowl Stronger Rim Area Lower Compression Dual Coated Light Weight
Benefits: Maximum Design Flexibility Increased Combustion and Horsepower Reduce Stress and Eliminate Fractures Allowing Increased Boost Levels Reduce Friction and Wear Quicker Acceleration