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More OPPS Accidents

More OPPS Accidents
More OPPS Accidents
more incomprehensible opps accidents. one can only guess how some of them happened.
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Posted by: speedboy
September 01, 2008
he lets look what the top speed is
Posted by: WRXlerate
August 25, 2008
They say stay in the truck so they can find your body...screw that!!!
Posted by: Horny-Panda
August 22, 2008
he still has time to bail. Its not his fault they wanted him to drive up a road of ice on frozen water.
Posted by: Philthykins
August 22, 2008
Ice Road Truckers.....screw that.
Posted by: docIceberg
August 21, 2008
Posted by: FordSkater
August 21, 2008
Posted by: Greekstang
August 20, 2008
Oh shit
Posted by: jrrice1984
August 20, 2008
Posted by: Zanna9875642
August 20, 2008
a little lack of road