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Apollo Gumpert

Apollo Gumpert
Apollo Gumpert
Streetfire was the exclusive media outlet invited by Evolution Motorsports to the American unveiling of the fastest track run supercar- the Apollo Gumpert. Powered by Audi 4.2L twin turbo V8 and weighing in at 2400 lbs, this is a street-legal race car built for speed.
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Posted by: mwilkes
December 04, 2008
love that car, and the color...
Posted by: 632596
October 05, 2008
Hot car
Posted by: kusha1
October 01, 2008
That is so nice and hot
Posted by: Modmotor4life
September 26, 2008
Posted by: svxsti
September 12, 2008
Interesting, but the fender gap looks a bit kit car and an Audi V8 is already in a Spyker C8 NA. I question it's reliabilty with it's power and it doesn't appear very comfortable, so the bottom line is, what does the "Gumpert" do on the "Nurburgring"? If I wanted a 600hp exotic I would just pick up a used 911 C4 and go to for a supercharged LS2 and a wide body kit with GT3 RS chassis components;)
Posted by: bigmeats
September 12, 2008
the car of the future
September 12, 2008
top gear did an episode on it and its actually on this site check it out
September 12, 2008
awesome car
Posted by: witeboy08
September 12, 2008
thats not a car thats a rocket ship
Posted by: hotwader
September 10, 2008
that would be a crazy car to drive.