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1980 pontiac yellow bird

1980 pontiac yellow bird
1980 pontiac yellow bird
yellowbird esprit. rare less than 450 ever produced. i know of at least 3 no longer with us.
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Posted by: LONGGONE
November 20, 2009
LOL, no sorry, yellowbirds have 450. trust me. I know more about these cars than just about everyone. I've done insane research on them, and the production records for the skybird aren't real, they were for all esprits sold in 1977. As for 1979 and 1980 pontiac didn't keep very good records, we were able to find the actual numbers through a collective pontiac dealership manifesto that lists 450 of them. if you don't think im right, try and find some on google. REDBIRDS have over 4K..skybirds have less than that and yellowbirds are the rarest
Posted by: missnewf
October 19, 2009
hi..actually there was just a little over 4,000 of them produced in 1980..i called pontiac and was able to get the production numbers on this year and on the 1977 skybird (there were 5,692 skybirds produced in 1977)