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Posted by: Illegal_Rev
February 06, 2009
Lol neat, just be careful they are known for starting on fire
Posted by: irmisb
October 19, 2008
Nice car
Posted by: 69_Chevelle
October 13, 2008
Nice conversion. Much better than the Archie V-8. I just know that thing goes like stink. My GF has always loved these we have owned a few in the past. Great job.
Posted by: laserpviii
September 27, 2008
oh wow i didn`t think it would fit that is super
Posted by: coyotegtp
September 17, 2008
Posted by: badelcamino
September 13, 2008
don't see to many of these anymore,like the tail lights
Posted by: midas
September 13, 2008
long time no see,
Posted by: XxViciousxX
September 12, 2008
that Fiero is very well done i like its best sbc conversion i have seen to date.
Posted by: 82vette
August 13, 2008
Nice Car Chica!
Posted by: Hippiegirlbj
August 12, 2008
Thanks guys!