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1047HP VW Polo 1.8
3m 29s
Views: 46,866
Trans AM Clutch Explodes!
2m 55s
Views: 130,643
Jay Leno - 1993 Dodge Vip...
13m 28s
Views: 1,674
4m 30s
Views: 102,612
C4 'Vette Clunked
5m 15s
Views: 16,216
0-200 MPH in 26 seconds. ...
0m 46s
Views: 7,573
Chevrolet 1936.3
9m 7s
Views: 204
Corvette Independence Day
5m 33s
Views: 2,006
In car wheelie footage - ...
1m 24s
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Corvette Making Failed Bu...
1m 54s
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Modded ZR1 & C6 ZO6 Nasty...
3m 40s
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Motor Trend Test's The Ne...
2m 17s
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Weird Accident Aftermath,...
0m 59s
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Modded ZR1 Corvette
4m 52s
Views: 20,846
360 Forged Ferrari F-430 ...
6m 2s
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Way Too Many Cars! IT'S N...
3m 31s
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How to parallel park a Ho...
0m 18s
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Just another 7 sec Mustan...
0m 44s
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Caterpillar Freestyle
1m 12s
Views: 104,873
Dramatic Couch Crash
1m 10s
Views: 7,269